1. Can I arrive late to my appointment?

Clients must arrive on time to their appointed time. Clients that arrive late beyond 10 minutes will pay a late fee of $10, the appointment will be canceled at 20 minutes late.

2. Can I change my appointment?

All appointment changes must be done no later that 48hrs prior to appointment time. An appointment can be changed one time.If client is unable to attend rescheduled appointment a new appointment will have to be made and deposit forfeited.

3. Does the deposit go towards the style?

Yes your deposit will be deducted from your total cost of the style.

4. Can I give me deposit to someone else if I no longer want my appointment?

Deposit are non transferable.

5. If I booked two appointments but can’t make one can I add my deposit to the appointment I can attend?

Deposits can’t be transferred or added to another existing appointment. If you are unable to re book your deposit will be forfeited.

6. Why can’t I bring my kids or a friend to my appointment?

It’s your time to relax take a break and relax during your appointment. It’s not only distracting to you but it’s also distracting to your stylist who wants to finish your hair in a timely manner.

7. Can I face time my friend while I do my hair to show them the style?

During your appointment it’s distracting to the stylist who wants to keep your head still and may not want to be filmed during your service.

8. Does the stylist have to post me to social media?

Absolutely not, if you are not comfortable being filmed please feel free to let the stylist know.

9. Do you validate parking?

Absolutely! Let us know that you parked ok visitors and parking is ok us.

10. How long does my hair need to be to be styled?

Hair is required to be no shorter than 3 inches all around to be styled.

11. Do you style children?

Children under the age of 10 can’t be styled.

12. I already blowed my hair out why does it need to be blowed again?

Although we appreciate you taking the time to blow your hair out, it may not be done correctly to ensure a seamless style. Your roots may need some extra care prior to styling. A blow out will be considered an add on. If you fail to book an add on blow out and still require a blow dry you run the risk of appointment cancellation due to lack of time.

13. I didn’t wash my hair can I still be styled?

Hair will have to be clean and free of all dirt prior to booking.

14. Why do you require no product in the hair before styling?

If there is product on the hair prior to booking a blow out is difficult to execute and will smoke. Also when applying product to the hair it can turn your hair white. Your appointment can be canceled and deposit forfeited if product is present on the hair before styling.


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