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Pony Tails

Pony TailsStarting at: $120 This classic feed in styles is a braid style technique of feeding in small pieces of hair to a cornrow. By feeding in [...] Read more

Stitch Braids

Stitch BraidsStarting at: $55 This style, similar to goddess braids, has a stitch-like pattern at the base of the braids. This classic feed in styles is a [...] Read more


TrendingStarting at: $130 These trendy feed in styles are done with expression hair. Hair is fed in piece by piece until a full braid is complete. Popular [...] Read more


TribalsStarting at: $250 This style of braids are done with expression hair. Single strand braids are done at the back portion of the head with feed-in braids [...] Read more

Box Braids

Box BraidsStarting at: $130 This population of three strands styles is a way to protect your natural hair and to help retain length. This style is done [...] Read more